Terms of Use

 General terms of purchase

Ponchico online store offers customers the opportunity to buy online, easy and simple product selection and order formation, secure online payment by payment cards through the bank, and deliver ordered items to any address in Serbia.

Company headquarters data:



Ulica Učitelja Josifa 20/6, 16000 Leskovac, SERBIA

PIB 112222707

MB 21629740

Activity code 4690


AEGEAN DOO – Ogranak Leskovac

Branch address: ul. Đorđa Stamenkovića bb, 16000 Leskovac

Branch activity code: 47.91

The company is in the VAT system.

Based on the provision of Article 13. and Article 27. Of the Law on Consumer Protection ("Official Gazette of the RS", No. 62/2014, 6/2016 - other law and 44/2018 - other law) company AEGEAN DOO, consumers who buy goods through the website www.ponchico.com notifies:

- Sale of goods through the website www.ponchico.com is performed within the registered activity of the company AEGEAN DOO, mat. no. 21629740, PIB: 112222707, 

- The address for filing a complaint is: info@ponchico.com .

- According to the Law on Consumer Protection (Official Gazette of RS, No. 62/2014), purchases through the sales website of the website www.ponchico.com are considered distance sales.

- Goods sold through the website www.ponchico.com have the properties necessary for the regular use of this type of goods per its purpose, which is defined in the Declaration;

- Sales price of goods indicated with each item;

- Prices are shown with VAT included;

- Free delivery service for orders is more than 5000.00 RSD.

- A description of the goods can be found at www.ponchico.com

- Delivery time is a maximum of 5 working days via the City Express courier service.

- The consumer can pay for the goods he buys through the website www.ponchico.com by cash on delivery at the time of delivery, as well as with prominent payment cards at the time of purchase on the site;

Product display


Each item is shown in an image that gives clear information about the appearance of the item.

Additional product information

More detailed information about the product is contained in the text below the image of the product in the sections.


The price shown for each product is in dinars (RSD). In the case of product price reduction, the previous product price that is crossed out is shown, as well as the new price that is valid.

The prices of all products are formed and changed under the business policy, without the obligation of prior notice.

Since the moment of confirmation of purchase can be several days after adding the product to the cart, the prices of all products added to the cart are updated at the time of confirmation of purchase, so the final price should be always checked in the specification when confirming the purchase.

Delivery time

Delivery is performed exclusively by the courier service on the territory of Serbia. You can expect delivery by express mail within 3-5 working days (Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) do not count) for any place in Serbia where delivery is possible.

The amount for home delivery for all orders can be seen at the time of purchase.

Data entry for delivery and registration (account opening)

When confirming the purchase, customers must enter the correct information for the delivery of the shipment: name and surname, address (street and exact number), contact phone number where customer can be reached, and e-mail.

When entering data, customers can choose the option to purchase without registration (opening an account) or they can choose the option to register an account. In the case of choosing an account registration, the customer creates a password with which he can access his account in the future, which is created during registration.

Registered customers have additional benefits:

  • All address data is stored, can be easily modified and updated, and when re-purchasing, customers only log in to their account, and address data and contact information are automatically entered into the new purchase order;
  • Can see information about their previous purchases;
  • They can choose the option to receive periodic information on their e-mail about special promotions, price reductions, and benefits when buying;
  • Can buy certain products at special, more favorable prices (when they are on sale).

Purchase is possible without registration. When buying without registration, the buyer enters only the necessary information so that the order can be delivered: name, address, e-mail address, contact phone. If this option is selected, the customer must re-enter the required data during the next purchase. Also, the customer cannot see the history of his purchases, nor can he realize some additional benefits intended only for registered customers.

All customer data is collected, stored, and processed following the Law on Personal Data Protection.


Customers can make payments in the following ways:

  • online payment via debit or credit card
  • cash payment when picking up the shipment

Payment with Dina, Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard payment cards is realized in cooperation with Banca Intesa AD Belgrade and is done on a special page by simply entering data from your payment card.


After you enter the card information and confirm the payment, the bank authorizes the transaction and thus your order is approved and in the process of preparation for delivery. The delivery price is explained by City Express which shows during the checkout.

By the Agreement with Banca Intesa ad Belgrade, the payment card processor, the data on payment cards that the customer enters when paying is not available to our system.

All payments will be made in the local currency of the Republic of Serbia - dinar (RSD). The middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia is used for the informative presentation of prices in other currencies. The amount for which your payment card will be charged will be expressed in your local currency through conversion into the same at the exchange rate used by card organizations, which we cannot know at the time of the transaction. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price listed on our site. Thank you for your understanding.


The ordered items are delivered by the courier service City Express to the customer's address in Serbia and are paid upon collection or online payment cards.

Modification and cancellation of the order before shipment

Customers can modify or cancel the order at any time after order confirmation until the shipment is shipped at no additional cost. For any change or cancellation, you should contact us as soon as possible by calling 062 / 433-247 on working days from 09:00 to 16:00.

Cancellation of purchase after shipment/receipt of shipment (Right to withdraw from the purchase contract)

The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase at any time after shipping the shipment, but no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the shipment, without giving a reason, and in that case, the buyer bears the cost of delivery and return of the product.

To exercise the right to cancel the purchase without giving a reason, the customer must fill in the form located at the following link "Returns.

In case of cancellation of the purchase after the shipment is shipped and the shipment is not picked up by the customer from the courier service, the buyer bears the costs of delivery and return of the shipment. Depending on the method of payment of the purchase order, this amount is charged from the payment card, from the amount paid or an invitation is sent to the customer for payment. If the buyer has unsettled obligations, it is not possible to deliver new purchase orders.

Product warranty/conformity

If the product shows obvious defects, that is, if the goods are sold to the buyer in a damaged transport package, the buyer is obliged not to take over the goods. In this case, the buyer will retain his right to ensure the proper conduct of the sale or the right to a refund of the purchase price at the option of the buyer.

If errors occur during the warranty period after the goods have been picked up by the Buyer, the Buyer may use his warranty.

The length of the warranty period is determined according to the valid Law, in the duration of 24 months, with exceptions established by the Law.

The warranty period starts from the day when the buyer takes over the goods. The responsible person will take over these goods, will check the shipment, documentation (invoice, bill, packaging). The deadline for complaints is the date of collection from the courier or postman. Goods sent by cash on delivery are not picked up by the seller; we recommend that you insure the goods. The buyer is authorized to withdraw from the contract in all cases established by law. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is canceled from the beginning, and the contracting parties are obliged to return everything they provided based on the contract.

INFO: Replacement of the item is not possible unless the customer receives a defective or incorrect item.


Customers can report complaints by calling 062 / 433-247 or e-mail:  info@ponchico.com on weekdays from 09:00 to 16:00.

It is not possible to return the package without first contacting customer support.

You received a shipment from us and the size or product does not suit you, and you want to take advantage of the reclamation? In case of a complaint, the ordered item can not be changed if it is worn, that is when returning the goods.

It is obligatory to return it in the correct and unused condition, as well as in the original, undamaged packaging. When receiving a package, make sure the package is packaged or taped with Ponchico branded tape and complete. In case the package is missing a product, you should report the situation to the City Express courier service within 24 hours.

If the package is open or not glued with Ponchico branded tape, do not accept such a package, because we are not responsible for such packages and the complaint, in that case, cannot be accepted by the courier service.

The package must be sent within 14 days from the day of collection and in the original packaging - the product box must not be glued with adhesive tape, otherwise, it will be returned!

Before returning the goods, please fill in the online form for the Return of goods in Returns and send shipments with reclamation by courier service City Express.

When sending the package, send it to the address of the warehouse AEGEAN doo, ul. Đorđa Stamenkovića bb, 16000 Leskovac, you bear the costs yourself and specify without a ransom because otherwise it will be returned. The package arrives to us within 2 to 5 business days. The money will be refunded to the current account you specified in the form.


In case of return of goods and return of funds to the customer who previously paid with one of the payment cards, in part or in full, and regardless of the reason for return, Ponchico is obliged to return only through VISA, EC / MC, and Maestro payment methods, which means that the bank will, at the request of the seller, refund the funds to the cardholder's account.

In the case of a refund to the customer who paid for the order in cash upon delivery, Ponchico will refund the payment to the current account provided by the customer.

Customer privacy protection

Collection, processing, and storage of customer data is performed under applicable legislation (Law on Personal Data Protection). When registering customers, only the necessary, basic customer data and data necessary for the successful implementation of our service must be entered. Additional information is needed to better inform customers and create special, customized offers, customers enter optionally. Customers may at any time modify or delete any of the data they have entered or request the deletion of all personal data entered and stored in our system. All customer and order information is strictly kept and is only available to employees who need this information to do the job. All employees, as well as business partners to whom this information will be available for performing their work, are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

Protection of confidential transaction data

When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and PKI systems, as currently the most modern cryptographic technology.

The security of data during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor of Banca Intesa AD Belgrade, so the complete billing process is performed on the bank's website. At no time is payment card information available to our system.